This school is dedicated to pursuing the study of the humanities, i.e. art, literature, history, philosophy etc., from a spiritual point of view. It is founded in the tradition of the twelfth century School of Chartres, or Marsilio Ficino's Florentine Academy (itself modeled on Plato's academy) as a philosophically spiritual means of approach to education. We believe that academe as it currently stands is a petrified institution that is no longer redeemable and which this school is designed to counteract. It is, above all, founded as an act of rebellion against a corrupt university system that is no longer capable of providing a holistic education, a problem which this school intends to rectify with the application and restoration of Big Picture thinking.

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"Ebert is not only a brilliant writer, he is the best read person I know. His ideas about art, culture and philosophy are uniquely grounded in the work of leading cultural theorists as well as in history.  He is able to see our civilization today in the deep contexts of those of the past." -John Lobell, author of Louis Kahn: Architecture as Philosophy

The Age of Catastrophe

An analysis of the steadily enlarging mass catastrophes of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Gilgamesh Redux

Ebert's retelling of the Old Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic as a prose poem.

Myths, Gods, Machines

Ebert's investigations into the survival of ancient mythic structures in our technologies.

John David Ebert is a cultural theoretician who has written over 30 books examining art, history, philosophy and popular culture. His books include The New Media Invasion, The Age of Catastrophe, Art After Metaphysics, Cultural Decay Rate and many others. He has over 900 videos on You Tube exploring the works of thinkers such as Oswald Spengler, Martin Heidegger, Gilles Deleuze, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arnold Toynbee, Peter Sloterdijk, etc. etc.